Our Self Cleaning models provide the ultimate in motor protection and dust free protection. The filter bag is lifted up as the power unit is turned on. Once the power unit is shut down, the weighted self-cleaning filter element drops and displaces the accumulated dust and deposits into the dirt canister.

Do not operate your power unit without the self-cleaning filter in place. This filter is virtually maintenance free and should never be removed. It cannot be washed and doing so will destroy the filters’ construction. Removing the filter will cause damage to your motor. If the filter ever needs to be changed or serviced please have this done by a qualified technician. Your filter is weighted at the bottom with a small bag of beads to aid in releasing fine dust into your dirt canister and returning filter to its original location after unit is turned off. Although it is not required and does not affect the performance of your central vacuum, you can clean the dust from your filter. Place a garbage bag over the filter and shake the excess dust into the garbage bag (See diagram) or vacuum off filter with a shop vacuum. You may wish to have your filter changed after five years to improve your units’ performance. This could be done at the time that you are recommended to have the carbon brushes in your motor checked.

Bag Adapters: If your self-cleaning filter unit has been equipped with an additional paper bag (for the purpose of keeping your cloth self-cleaning filter cleaner as well as additional motor protection) you need to only remove, discard and replace with a new side-loading paper bag. These may be purchased directly from ACV or from your dealer. It is not necessary to operate your power unit with an additional paper bag, but keep in mind that your self-cleaning filter will not remain free from the normal debris it is exposed to without it. Please remember that you must never operate your power unit without the cloth self-cleaning filter even if there is a paper bag adapter in place.

How To Order Replacement Bags for a Bag Adapter: 19″ side-loading bag – To Order Call: 1 (800) 267–4949

Models ACT I: (ACV 95 SK), ACT II: (ACV 105 SK), ACT IV: (ACV 140 SK), CLASS ACT: (ACV 110 SK), HEAVY DUTY: (ACV 135 SK), Q-Series Models, SILENT POWER II: (ACV 105 QSK), SILENT POWER IV: (ACV 140 QSK)