Why choose a built-in vacuum system?

Eliminate Dust Mites and Molds
With allergies and asthma on the increase, the choice to have a central vacuum system to ensure the optimum indoor air quality has never made more sense. Today’s homes are constructed with improved building materials, designed to make them more energy efficient. The result is often airtight living environments which harbor many airborne contaminants, especially those from portable vacuums which exhaust and stir up fine dust particles through even the most efficient state-of-the-air filters.

A central vacuum system will give you peace of mind knowing that 100% of all dust particles are removed from your home, through a sealed system of vacuum tubing, to a remote area such as the garage, basement or closet. That means, no more ‘just vacuumed’ odor which really consists of millions of microorganisms including dust mites and molds (the major causes of respiratory problems). You can be confident that your home is cleaner and the air you and your family breathes is healthier.

Whether your home is a Condo, 2-story, bungalow, or even a Castle, an A.C.V. Central Vac can meet your every needs. Typically, 3 to 4 inlets will serve the average size home.

If you are the do-it-yourself person with some electrical knowledge, then you are qualified to install our systems. Our qualified Dealers will also provide installation.

Consider the following
The power unit in the garage, basement, utility room or any remote area.
If you are considering a ‘standard’ 30 foot vacuum hose, then your inlets will have to be appropriately spaced.
Allow for overlap when placing inlets.
Do not place the inlet behind any doors, or have them blocked by furniture, make all inlets easily accessible.
Type of Accessory Packages to choose from (air driven or electrical).
New Homes
Most builders will offer ‘roughed-in’ piping which allows you to choose the model central vacuum unit to install. Considering the location it will be mounted, along with the size of the home and type of flooring throughout will determine the A.C.V. model we recommend.

Existing Homes
Central vacuums can be installed in homes that are not already ‘roughed-in.’ With careful planning the required tubing can be placed in cold air returns or even placed in the back of closets, utility rooms, etc. Our experienced installers are able to advise you of the best installation method for your home. Contact us for a qualified installer.